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Carmel Valley Residence

Carmel Valley, CA

Designed and developed in collaboration with Architect Harry Rodda, this contemporary residence is situated in upper Carmel Valley on a 40 acre site.  The house is situated on the brow of a meadow and is divided into pavilions which are linked by glass galleries and a continuous trellis type of element.  Each of the pavilions contain certain living areas.  The Master Bedroom  pavilion features cathedral cedar ceilings and limestone throughout the master bath.  The living pavilion features the basic living areas such a Living Room, Family Room, Dining, Kitchen and large walk in pantry.  The guest pavilion contains three guest bedrooms with a common guest living room.

Features of the house include:

bulletFlagstone floors with Hydronic heating throughout
bulletCopper roofs and details
bulletCedar paneling
bulletLimestone Fireplaces
bulletLimestone Master bath
bulletEmergency power generator for the entire house