Cost Control

Our policy is to monitor projected project costs through-out the development of a project. We have various consultants that we work with to assist us in the evaluation of projected costs. Many of these consultants are construction firms with up to date experience in the particular type of construction we are concerned with. A recent example of our ability with cost control is an institutional project we have recently completed bids on. This is an government grant project with a specified budget. We did a concept and preliminary cost analysis. At the preliminary stage our estimates indicated that we were going to exceed the budget. We worked with the client and value engineered the project to the point where we felt that it would fall within budget. The successful qualified bid was within one percent of our projected probable construction cost.


The best way to insure that a project stays on schedule is to develop a realistic schedule to begin with. After that develop a plan and commit the resources to carry out the plan. On almost all of our projects we develop a line item schedule which we continually update during the course of the project. Our policy is to assign the task of schedule monitoring to the project manager with weekly staff reviews to insure the project is on schedule. Should modifications to the schedule be required we involve the client in the process to ensure that it meets with his needs.

Change Orders

Good, concise contract documents go a long way to avoid change orders. In renovation and remodel work, the unknown sometimes necessitates the issuance of change orders. When they are necessary, we very seriously and thoroughly analyze the components of the change order. We insist on complete documentation from the contractor and sub-contractors involved in order to assure that the client is getting a fair deal. We will often seek alternative quotes or estimates to insure that the change order is appropriate. Another method of dealing with change orders which may increase the projects cost is to negotiate a tradeoff, especially when there are no additional available funds. By having a complete and comprehensive knowledge of the job and its program, this approach can avert cost overruns.